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The Turtle Mound Flutes line of Hybrid Classical/Electric guitars was created through my personal need for a nylon-stringed guitar to accompany a Native American style flute player on stage. These guitars drew much attention and positive reaction at the various festivals and other events at which they were shown. Inevitably though, in many cases those who tried out our nylon string guitars have asked about a steel string guitar with the same type of artwork. From that considerable interest we have decided to provide a companion line of dreadnaught size steel string acoustic/electric guitars. This page illustrates the products now available from Turtle Mound Flutes to satisfy the desire for steel string guitars.

Here is Johnny Kee playing the prototype TMF Steel-String Acoustic/Electric Guitar
at the Juice N Java Cafe in Cocoa Beach, Florida on May 31, 2014.

At the same time we introduced our steel string guitars, we began offering a second line of artwork. While our steel string acoustic guitars may be ordered with any of the Nature-themed artwork themes available on our Hybrid Classical/Electric guitars, we also offer artwork from our Patriotic-themed designs. Or, if you have another theme you'd like to have on your guitar (a group logo, image of a family member, for example), we're happy to take on custom work to make your vision a reality.


Below find examples of Steel-String Acoustic/Electric guitars now being offered by Turtle Mound Flutes.

These guitars illustrate our American heritage-themed artwork. Themes from our animal-themed art, as illustrated on some of our nylon-string guitars, are also available for a reduced charge.

Eagle & Flag Guitar

The eagle (Awohali in Cherokee) is the majestic symbol of our country, and also an important element of Native American culture. Most indigenous peoples believe that birds are messengers, and the eagle is special in that it can fly higher than any other bird, and is therefore the one who carries our prayers to the Creator. The imagery on this guitar honors the eagle in its importance as our national symbol of pride and our heritage, appearing in front of an old faded American flag.

This guitar, as illustrated below, is currently available at the introductory price of $650.00. Price does not include shipping or Florida sales tax, where applicable. Detailed specifications appear at the bottom of this page.

The body art on this guitar depicts a majestic eagle, our national bird, in front of a faded American flag . These images are "burned" into the spruce top of this guitar and painted to bring them to life. The faded white stripes and stars on the flag image that was used as a model for this artwork were nearly identical to the natural color of the guitar's top, and are therefore unpainted.
The Eagle & Flag themed guitar is the first design in our Patriotic Art line. The rosette is inlayed lacewood, fret markers are pearl. A flamed koa headplate is laminated to the headstock. The script "TMF" logo (for Turtle Mound Flutes) is inlayed in crushed turquoise. The back, sides, and neck are stained ebony. This view shows the beautiful grain of the back.
Some of the detail of the pyrography on this 
guitar can be seen in this view of the 
dominant eagle head.
The Joyo pre-amp features a 4-band equalizer and 
an integrated chromatic tuner. A volume control 
and a low battery indicator are also included.
The "plug panel" supports either 1/4" (unbalanced) or XLR (balanced) connection 
to your amplifier. It also contains the easily accessible 9V battery compartment.
 The turquoise inlay over the body seam is visible in this shot.

SSAE Model Specifications

Model designation: SSAE-1  (Steel-String Acoustic/Electric model 1)
Body size: Dreadnaught
Body width: Lower bout 15 9/16"; 
Upper bout 11 11/16"
Overall length: ~40 11/16"
Scale length: 650 mm (~25.6")
Soundboard: Spruce
Rosette: 3/16" Lacewood ring inlay (see below options)
Headplate: Flamed Koa laminate (see below options)
Heelplate: Flamed Koa laminate (see below options)
Sides/back: Basswood  (see below options)
Neck: Poplar   (see below options)
Fingerboard: Rosewood (curved)
Markers: Mother-of-Pearl side; Mother-of-Pearl fret markers
Strings: Steel.
String spacing (nut): 1 3/8"
String spacing (saddle) 2 3/16"
Pre-Amp: Joyo model JE-33 with 4-band equalizer & integrated chromatic tuner
Pick-up: Piezo under-saddle
Output: Low-Z balanced XLR and High-Z unbalanced 1/4" (mono)
Options: Back, sides, neck: may be left unstained, or stained ebony or red mahogany. Ask about other stain colors.
Pick-Guard: Heavy strumming flat-pickers may want to protect the face of their guitar by adding a clear pick-guard.
3/16" wide rosette inlay: Lacewood, Walnut, or Koa.
Headstock and heel laminates: Flamed Koa, Koa, Padauk, Walnut, etc. Ask about specific woods that interest you.

Joyo electronics modules:

Joyo JE-33 Pre-Amp with 4-band equalizer and built-in chromatic tuner.

Joyo output panel, with 1/4" (mono) unbalanced and XLR balanced connectors. Also houses 9V battery.

Joyo JE-33 Specifications:
(Bass) 12dB at 80HZ
(Middle) 12dB at 800HZ
(Treble) 12dB at 3KHZ
(Presto) 12dB at 15KHZ
Low Voltage (Battery) Indicator
A4 Frequency: 440HZ
Tuning Range: 1Eb-8C
Tolerance: 1%
Power:9V 6F22 Battery

Price & Availability  

Turtle Mound Flutes is now taking orders for the steel-string acoustic/electric (SSAE-1) guitar with Nature-Themed art at the special introductory price of $550 (plus shipping and FL sales tax if applicable). Designs currently available are "Awohali" (eagle), "Tluhdatsi" (panther), and "Waya" (wolf). In the works is a "Yona" (bear). If you would like a different animal theme, let me know. 

Optionally, the steel-string acoustic/electric (SSAE-1) guitar with Patriot-Themed art goes for the special introductory price of $650 (plus shipping and FL sales tax if applicable).

Custom work is my pleasure. All designs available with natural or stained sides, back, and neck. Fret & side markers are mother-of-pearl.

All guitars are custom made to the customer's design selections. Contact us at to place your order and schedule construction of your guitar.

Also check out our Turtle Mound Flute hybrid classical/electric guitars.


In the interest of full disclosure, the above described guitars are based on a commercially available kit. All embellishments, such as the inlay wood ring rosette, headplate laminate, body seam hiding inlay, etc.; the addition of electronics; and all custom artwork are my contribution to the basic guitar. In addition, I do the guitar setup, including properly aligning neck and body, setting the action (string height), truing frets, etc. Starting with a kit allows me to offer a quality custom guitar at a very reasonable price. My long term goal includes offering guitars that I will "make from scratch" while retaining this kit-based model as a less expensive alternative in my line.


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